Badho Bahu latest news – Viren cancels alliance with Bado
Badho Bahu latest news – Viren cancels alliance with Bado

& TV channel drama serial Badho Bahu is headed for some high voltage twists in drama as Badho is all set to get engaged with Viren. Badho and her family are extremely excited about Badho and Viren’s engagement as Badho has finally found a groom after going through so many troubles.

However, Badho will soon face the biggest disappointment as Viren will refuse to get engaged to her all of a sudden. In the latest episode of the show it is seen that Viren and his mother reach Badho’s house along with Raghubir and family for the engagement function. Lucky also arrives there as he wants to spend some time with Marjorie. The engagement ceremony starts off and Viren is about to make Badho wear the ring when suddenly his phone starts ringing.

The ring falls from Viren’s hand and it rolls off near Badho. Lucky picks up the ring and is stumped by the situation whereas Badho too is shocked. It will now be seen that Viren will get a call from some unknown person and he will come to known that a big business deal has got cancelled. Viren will be tensed knowing that he is going to face major financial loses and this prompts him to take a drastic decision. Viren will meet Badho’s family and will apologetically tell them that he cannot get engaged to Badho anymore.

Badho and her family will be completely heartbroken hearing this and Badho’s dreams will be shattered. Will Badho’s sudden breaking of alliance prompt Raghubir to get Lucky married to Badho? Stays tuned for more updates on Badho Bahu.


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