The 10 Best Examples of About Page
When you are are designing and building your blog, its normally tempting to get all the clamor of the creation procedure in a journey to make the most attractive blog on the web. But, in the process that you do this, you’ll wind up overlooking the absolute most essential components of a blog.

Having a attractive blog is essential since it will show your professional skill. In any case, it’s not generally the primary concern that decides how proficient a blog is, especially when you’re just beginning.

Like, if you have the world’s most excellent and attractive blog, but your content sucks, the design beauty is nothing. Your blog design beauty might pull visitors to the blog however your content will push them away when they arrive and start reading your content.

While having a gorgeous blog filled with great content is most important, that is additionally not where you ought to channel your concentration while starting; there’s one basic and critical element of a blog that is quite often ignored, and that is the thing that I’ll be conversing with you about in today’s post.

About Page: The Most Basic Element Of A Blog

It doesn’t make a difference in case if you’re a blog owner or somebody searching for data on the web, the About page is a fundamental component of every website.


Simple, because its one of the first places every new visitor on your site will go to one arrive on the website.

Your About page would be advised to be impressive. If not, you can hope that visitors will click the “back” button even without reading your extraordinary content or subscribing to your blog newsletter..
Your question now should be:

What makes an impressive and attractive About page?

Well, creating the attractive and impressive About page is not advanced rocket science. It simply needs to contain some basic and important info which will make your reader to stay on your blog.

For beginners, it should be educational. You ought to have the capacity to tell your visitors who you are, what you do, and what’s in it for them. When you give them a justifiable reason motivation to stay, that is precisely what they will do. Beside that, your About page ought to likewise contain a few testimonials, social proof, and some other important info about you that your audience can easily relate to.

The important point of an About page is to give guests a look into the identity of a person, a business, or potentially an item/product/web.

In a mission to find what makes About pages stick, I’ve come across numerous brilliant and amazing About pages on the web. I’ve likewise found that the vast majority think that its hard to create the kind of About pages that will arrive them paying customers.

In this way, I will demonstrate to you the 10 best About pages I’ve found on the web and why they are one of a kind.

10 Best About Pages On The Internet And What’s Special About Them

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