Here is the Latst Episode of Colors Drama “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat”.

Before long, it will be seen that the dazzling couple Ashoka (Mohit Raina) and Kaurwaki (Saumya Seth) will meet up, However, it will be for a brief period.

In the wake of admitting his affection for Kaurwaki to Devi (Kajol Srivastav), Ashoka will demonstrate his appreciation towards Devi for helping Kaurwaki.

Later, Dharma would suggest Ashoka and he will start taking care of Kaurwaki and will spend the night with his lady love. Next day, when Devi will return to Kaurwaki’s room, Devi will find Ashoka there, who will ask Devi not to reveal about the incidents of previous nights to others, as this might bring dishonour to Kaurwaki and disgrace her.

Now, we have to wait and watch to find out when Ashoka will confess about his feelings to Kaurwaki.

On the other hand, we also hear that soon Ashoka will get to know about Helena’s (Suzanne Bernert) location and will start chasing her. Helena will also be on the run to save her life from Ashoka.

Suzanne who essays the role of Devi Helena confirming the development and shared “For the first time ever Helena is scared and wants to escape from the situation. And all I can state is that soon some new twist is coming that will entertain all.”

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