Deepika Singh talks about the benefits of Yoga. Deepika’s life is frantic and stressful. She shoots round-the-clock without any leave; she believes that yoga helps her to cope up with her stressful life.

Deepika Singh talks about the benefits of Yoga
On International Yoga Day, Deepika spreads the awareness of Yoga as well as the importance of achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Deepika Singh
“Yoga is a part of my life. It helps us more than workouts. The stress levels also go down, lending a glow to the face. I personally practice yoga everyday for an hour. It’s a way of life that allows you to discipline your mind,” said Deepika.

benefits of yoga
Talking about the benefits of Yoga, she shared, “Yoga helps in controlling your cholesterol and severe heart problems. It helps in blood circulation, immunity level and increases your stamina. After doing Yoga you will never feel tired. I don’t need to go to the gym or have protein shakes as Yoga helps in every way. I would suggest people who are above 30 to practise Yoga as it helps to be fit and healthy.”

Deepika Singh yoga
When asked what attracted her towards Yoga, she averred, “I am a classical dancer; so most of the postures that are in the Odissi dance are there in Yoga. So that is one of the reasons and I also do it because of my mom. When we were kids my mom used to make us do Yoga and my dad used to take us for jogging. My parents are very fit and they inculcated their habits in me.”

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