Star Plus and acclaimed Producers Gul Khan and Gorky (4 Lions Films) are all set to launch a huge project from tonight (27 June) at the 10 pm slot, titled Ishqbaaaz… The show will give the audience a larger than life canvas, which will be a diffusion of various emotions like love and hate, revenge and redemption.

Ishqbaaaz Diary
Ishqbaaaz Diary

People tell me that I always have shirtless heroes in my shows, and that is infact very correct! But nobody has ever asked me why I do that, apart from the fact that they look good shirtless of course!
Today I would like to answer that unasked question since has asked about it finally!
In every story that we have told, if you look carefully, behind every shirtless man there has always been a non conformist woman. And that shirtless handsome man’s job is to make the blow she is throwing at our society, by looking a little less harsh and a little softer.
It’s called subtext by the way, but most people assume that Television makers have probably not heard of that word.
With an industry worth 9 million dollars and with a reach of 167 million households, TV makers hold a very strong position when it comes to shaping thoughts and influencing mindsets of an entire generation. It’s a very powerful position to be in.
Sometimes when there is a scene I am in love with, is on air, I stand on my balcony and imagine the millions of households it must be reaching, right at that very moment.
For instance, when one of our heroines stood in her jeans and asked that, “kaun hai woh chaar log jinke wajah se hum jeans nahi pehen sakte? Aaj mujhe un chaar logon se milna hai!”
It’s truly a joyous moment to see that what is discarded by many as pointless opposition of conformity and tradition, turns into some sort of a national rebellion, reaching out to millions of households perfectly packaged, wrapped around a shirtless hero!
Coming back to the point that behind every shirtless man stood a non conformist woman – In one of the shows, when the hero said “I love you” standing shirtless of course, the girl replied, “I am pregnant and married”, “but I love you too.”
Moral of the story, a pregnant woman dumped by her husband, dares to love another man. And she believes she has a right to find life again!
Trust me the six packs worked!
In another show when the heroine by mistake ends up walking into the washroom of the hero, who obviously is shirtless, it gets cheesier, and in a tub! She is mesmerized by his 6 packs and refuses to leave!
Moral of the story, it might come as a surprise to many, but women can lust after men, and that too men they are not in love with!
We were walking a very thin line here we were told, but the audience loved her, despite her honest opinions on lust!
Thanks again to the shirtless hero, for giving us cover from the shellings thrown at us in our e-mails! But the youngsters lapped it up and loved it!
Since we have become bolder now with our constant endeavor of pushing the envelope, this time in Ishqbaaaz, we will have not have one but three good-looking men, and hiding behind them will be three very strong-headed and non conforming women.

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