Leap in shows bring freshness Jyotsna Chandola
Leap in shows bring freshness Jyotsna Chandola

The latest one joining the league seems to be Colors’ popular daily Sasural Simar Ka.
The show, which provided audience of Indian television with many interesting twists and turns, is all set to take a leap for five years.
Before the show takes the leap, we got in touch with Jyotsna Chandola, who is more popularly known as Khushi. When we quizzed her about her take on the upcoming leap in the series, Jyotsna averred, “I think that such changes in different shows bring variety, which is much needed for the audience. The new bunch of actors joining the provide freshness to the viewers and I am pretty sure that same will happen with SSK as well.”
Jyotsna don’t you think that audiences might not be able to connect with the new cast, which might led to the series loosing its popularity? “I don’t think so that it will happen with Sasural Simar Ka as the makers are retaining the old cast along with few new faces. Naturally, audiences will always be able to connect with the characters.”
Many actors don’t continue with the show post leap, considering their characters will look old. What is your take on the matter? With a gentle laugh Jyotsna replied, “I won’t take any sides. It simply depends upon the actor. Few are comfortable with changes introduced in show, while few are not. And I believe both are right in their own places, so it’s up to the artist to decide what to do and what not.”

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