Meet the star cast of SAB TV's Y.A.R.O
Meet the star cast of SAB TV’s Y.A.R.O

SAB TV is known to tickle your funny bones with its light hearted comedy shows.
And now the channel is all set to launch another serial that promises to keep you and your family entertained.
We are talking about Creative Eye’s Y.A.R.O Tashan Ka. earlier gave you an insight about the lead character Y.A.R.O played by Aniruddh Dave. And now we are here to introduce you to his family and friends.
Here meet the cast of Y.A.R.O who will meet you through TV screens soon.
Yaro is a 22 years Physical aged robot. Innocent, naïve, efficient and wants to be human. He has an artificial heart which is very pure and innocent like a 5 years old kid. He slowly understands his super powers and learns to control them. He tries to understand human emotions but sometimes misinterprets them which creates fun and unique stories. He has good intentions and tries to help people. He becomes good friends with Shilpi, Kush, Tony & Dolly.

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