Mere Angne Mein - Shivam to find out Preeti boyfriend
Mere Angne Mein – Shivam to find out Preeti boyfriend

as you know we have seen In the last episode of Star Plus drama “Mere Angne Mein” that Shanti catches Preeti (Charu Asopa) being happy and blusing while talking to someone on the phone.

She doubts something is fishy and her experienced eyes doubts Preeti being involved into something wrong.

It is known that ever since her marriage with Nandu, Preeti has been acting difficult with all family members, is insensitive towards them and keeps insulting her husband to be a Chaprasi (watchman). At the same time, Nandu who loves his wife has taken a new avatar as Lucky and is trying to win Preeti’s heart and make her happy. Preeti is unaware that Nandu is Lucky ji and had started enjoying his company.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, viewers will see proper love affair between Preeti and Lucky. Preeti will fall in love with Lucky and will be unable to leave without him.

Shanti will try to find out about Preeti’s love affair and discuss about her doubts with Riya and Shivam who would be left shocked.

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