It’s the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympic games 6th August 2016.
Latest news and rumours about what the Opening Ceremony Olympic Games Rio 2016 will include.

Olympic Games Rio 2016 Opening ceremony 6th August 2016
Olympic Games Rio 2016 Opening ceremony 6th August 2016
  • The opening ceremony of Rio 2016, at the Maracana football stadium, will start at midnight UK time and is expected to last three to four hours
  • Three-thousand people have already seen a dress rehearsal ahead of Friday’s showpiece event, with details about what happens during the ceremony being made public through social media.
  • Its three themes will be ecology, diversity and joy, and organisers have tried to manage expectations by saying it will be “cool” but not as grand as London or Beijing’s. The budget was just £3m, around one tenth of the cost of the London 2012 opener
  • This will form part of a three-hour show that gives an honest and open view of Brazil – the good and the bad.
  • The Olympic cauldron will be lit in the Maracana and will later be transferred to Rio’s port area, where it will burn for the rest of the Games. There will be no flame in the main Olympic stadium where the track and field events will be held. The ceremony’s producers have said the flame will be modest, because it would be wrong to burn huge amounts of gas at a time when Brazil is going through severe austerity. Pele is widely tipped as the person who will light it
  • Dame Judi Dench will play a key role by reading a poem by a Brazilian author. She was chosen for the pre-recorded appearance because producers wanted an actress of a similar standing to the 86-year-old Oscar-nominated Brazilian Fernanda Montenegro, who will read the same poem in Portuguese

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