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Police late on Saturday declared they had captured Muhammad Waseem, the associated killer with online networking big name Qandeel Baloch.

The police made the declaration in a public interview where the claimed executioner was likewise introduced before the media.

Reacting to columnists’ inquiries, Waseem said that he had murdered his sister Qandeel, whose genuine name is Fauzia Azeem, for posting questionable pictures and recordings on Facebook.

“She was bringing disrepute to our family’s honour and I could not tolerate it any further. I killed her around 11.30pm on Friday night when everyone else had gone to bed. My brother is not involved in the murder,” said the murderer before being taken away by the police.

Police had earlier said that Qandeel’s brother had been threatening her to stop posting photos and videos on Facebook. According to some reports, the murderer had escaped with Qandeel’s wallet, jewelry and cell phone.

Qandeel Baloch has been killed, she was suffocated to death by her brother, apparently it was an incident of honour killing,” Regional Police Officer Sultan Azam had told reporters.

No marks of torture were found on Qandeel’s body, said another senior police official. The post-mortem of her body was conducted at Multan’s Nishtar Hospital.

Qandeel was in Multan to visit her parents as her father had been unwell, and spent Eid with her family, her mother told police.

Her brother, who was identified by the police as Waseem, went to meet her at night. When Qandeel was asleep at night, he suffocated her by using a pillow.

Qandeel’s father Azeem stated in the First Information Report to the police that his sons Aslam Shaheen and Waseem were responsible for their sister’s death.

Azeem said that Aslam allegedly provoked Waseem to kill Qandeel as she reportedly “brought disrepute to the family”. Aslam is currently serving in the army as a Naib Subedar, reads the FIR.

The complainant further said that his sons killed Qandeel for her money.

“My daughter was brave and I will not forget or forgive her brutal murder,” he said.

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