Shared popular actor Iqbal Khan on how actors manage to fast despite their hectic schedules, “Working or not working, I make it a point to fast during Ramzan. A couple of times I have tried to fast apart from Ramzan, but it becomes really difficult. Alhamdullilah, it is a magical time now and I make sure I spend my days remembering Allah in Ramzan. I think the only thing that we miss is water, rest, it is not a very difficult process.”
Recalling her childhood days, Sana Amin Sheikh reminisced, “As children it was a different feeling altogether. I remember fasting while shooting for Hasratein years back and not even complaining once. But now it becomes really difficult to work while fasting; guess we are becoming old (laughs).”
On-sets, Ramzan are also a special affair as the entire team gets together to celebrate the occasion. “The best part of Ramzan is that it brings everyone on the sets together. Even though the assigned break is at 6:30 pm, people sacrifice the same and eat together only at the break of dusk, when we complete our fast. It is a great feeling to see more than 150 people being with you supporting and helping you out during your fast with heart and soul,” said Maqbool Khan, director of Diya Aur Baati Hum.
Producer Yash Patnaik too celebrates iftaar on his sets. He had mentioned this to last year, “Iftaar parties on our sets are an every year affair. I feel Ramadan, Holi and Diwali are festivals that bring people together. Every year, I go out with my friends and gorge on food on Mohammad Ali Road. Also since we have a lot many Muslim members in the team, we decided on dedicating a day to them. Others too play along and observe a fast on the occasion. We celebrate the day with full pomp with everyone from the spot boy, technicians, directors, creatives, actors and all others joining in the revelry.”
Apart from the celebration, people also believe in giving a thought to others. Actress Shafaq Naaz who accepts that it is difficult to fast while shooting added, “Ramzan is not just the time to stay hungry but also help the needy. I make it a point to give money, food or even water whenever I come across homeless people. Since I do not manage to offer namaz, this is how I worship.”
Aamir Ali too agrees to the fact and shared, “Since I cannot fast regularly I make sure that people who are fasting around me get the best of food to eat. Because I think getting blessings is a bigger achievement for mortals like us.”
Prioritizing ‘deen’ (worship) before anything, Rafi Malik added that he takes time out for it what may come, “The month of Ramzan is very important, and it is only 30 days out of the 365 that we dedicate to our Lord. Hence, one should worship our creator as much as they can. I pray five times a day and observe the fast everyday. I have been practicing it from childhood, and hence it is not a difficult task for me. Yes, weather does plays tyrant, but one should eat healthy, stay fit and the leave the rest to Allah.”
Apart from the soulful delight, Ramzan also offers mouthwatering delicacies. As Aamir Dalvi quipped, “It is one month when people shed here dietary inhibitions and indulge in various kinds of food. But Ramzan is not about feasting but realizing the pain of hunger and thirst and helping others who are victims of the same. Thus one should surely treat themselves to the specialities but do take control of their health too.
With people indulging in some yummy yet ‘unhealthy’ fried foods during Ramzan, ever wondered how an actor manages to stay fit. “Fortunately I am blessed with a good metabolism. So I don’t need to worry about it. But yes, actors do take care of what they are eating for it is important to look good on screen,” shared Sana.
Dalvi added, “I feel Ramzan is a great way to detoxify themselves. I do make it a point to hit the gym whenever I can because as an actor, I cannot compromise on my health.”
Rafi too believes that if one is adamant on staying fit, fasting will never become a hindrance. “I exercise six days in a week without flinching or feeling tired. One shouldn’t consider Ramzan as an excuse to ward off their regular activities.”
All said and done, Ramzan is also about being with your family and savouring the essence of celebration. In an earlier interview with, Anas Rashid had mentioned, “Today, people are so hooked up to internet and cell phones that they do not have time to understand the true value of this month. Since I come from a small city, I feel the lack of the true spirit of Ramzan here living all alone.”
But shunning the thought, Producer Farhan Salaruddin stated, “The belief and spirits are in our heart. I feel that the people today have become closer and have no religious prejudices. In our TV industry, even when there are just five Muslims out of 150 people, the entire unit comes together during Iftaar, which is commendable. Since all of us are away from family while shooting, the team becomes your second family with whom you celebrate every occasions.”
With Ramzan all set to bid adieu soon, Farhan concluded by saying, “I think Ramzan is the time when you spread happiness and I think one should do so the year round.”

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