Hello Guys here is the new update from upcoming episode of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Serial on Colors TV.
Rishi needed to offer separation to Tanuja, I mean Rishi wanted to give divorce to Tanuja, but suddenly he has changed his decission for Raj. Raj came back home and Rishi behaves and talks with Raj normally as there was notinhg happened at home. Tanuja takes care of Raj and ofcourse Raj is happy with Tanuja.

Raj calls Rishi extremely fortunate to get a wife like Tanuja. He says both Rishi and Tanuja have great destiny. Rishi is in problem over Tanuja’s matter. Raj joins Rishi and Tanuja’s hands. Rishi was going to acknowledge his affection for Tanuja, when the pregnancy news turned out. The misunderstandings and issues are made between them by Malaika. Rishi trusts everything gets fine amongst him and Tanuja.

Rishi has done a compromise for Tanuja, as he wouldn’t like to give divorce stun to Raj. Rishi goes to Tanuja and apologizes to her, requesting that her overlook and forget his irritation and matter for some days. Rishi’s misunderstandings did not end. Tanuja cries knowing the bargain. Rishi requests Tanuja to act like they are lovers and glad together. Tanuja is prepared to do the acting. Raj in unwell. Rishi asks Tanuja to take care of Raj, and not tell Raj the separation matter. Tanuja needs to endure this, notwithstanding when she adores Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja never acknowledged their divorce decission. Rishi and Tanuja’s romantic tale is full of separation. Tanuja gets a trust that once she stays back, Rishi will know the matter truth.

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