The experiences, heartbreak and downfall in my life has made me a stronger woman. I emerged stronger. At that point in time I didn’t realize it. I grudged, sulked and asked why this happened to me. That lamenting had to come to a closure someday because that’s not me. I believe in evolution. But now I am very grateful that it happened to me and I went through that bad patch in my life. Because from there on I determined to become a better person. I have no grudges, regrets and I completely owe up to the responsibility that the heartbreak happened to me. I am thankful as had this not happened I would have not seen the beauty of a new relationship. I believe that’s how we grow in life. The one important lesson that I have learnt in my life is that embrace life as it comes.”

When asked, if she is on talking terms with Avinash, Rubina said, “Yes, we are. It ended on a respectable note. So, we are on talking terms.”

Rubina is currently dating Abhinav Shukla and the actress seems to be totally smitten by the new man in her life, “He is a real man. An absolute responsible person whose presence has given an impetus to my life. I strongly believe that when two strong individuals come together, they nurture each other. it was a mature decision taken by us. We are working towards building the foundation of our relationship,” concluded the actress.

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