Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan’s Sultan has created a huge sensation among the fans before the release. The trailer of the film has left the audience SPELLBOUND. Well obviously, Khan is doing a sports film and he has left no stone unturned. But before the release of the film there were a few comparisons drawn between it and Hollywood’s super hit film Rocky which featured the superstar Sylvester Stallone.

But Sultan actor believes that it’s baseless to compare both the films. While talking to the media, Khan narrated, “It’s nothing to do with that. (Rocky). It’s just that both the films are underdog stories. Underdog was a guy who does not want anything, he is just happy and overgrown kid, he is just running around, catching kites, he is enjoying random stuff and then falls in love with a girl”.

When further asked him if he took any reference for the fighting sequence, he refused, “No nothing. Our training was very different. It’s a different sport altogether. But yes it was a difficult film to do”. Talking about Stallone, he was quizzed would he like to work at the age of 70 like him, he promptly said, “Of course. I would love to work till the age of 170. We should break these records. I always said that hero and fan’s distance should keep on increasing higher and higher and fans responsibility is to overtake his hero”. Surely Sultan Khan is set to break his HERO Stallone’s recordWell it has always been a pleasure to interview Salman and yet again he leaves us inspired with his positive thoughts.

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