Followers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein drama on star plus will have to be ready for some high voltage twists in the upcoming episodes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode – Fashion Contest ahead
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode – Fashion Contest ahead

The entire Bhalla family will soon gather to celebrate the festivity at Raman’s office and Ruhi will be seen maintaining the atmosphere of the office festive by hiding the fact that Mihir stole money from Raman.

At the same time, ishita would be missing and Ramn would be bothered with her absence during the festivities.

The pooja will start off and Raman will be seen getting restless as he would wish not to lose out on Ishita once again.

Apparently, Shagun and Ashok who would have gotten Ishita kidnapped. However, Ishita will go missing for long and find her way back. However, problems will not end here as there will be big mess awaiting for her.

After the Kidnapping incident, Kunal ill plan totrap the two sisters – Ishita and Mihika. Kunal is involved with Ashok in all the plotting against Raman.

Kunal will soon ask Ishita to meet up at a coffee shop to hand over some intimate pictures of Mihika and Mihir but as soon as she reaches there, Kunal will have the cops in a civil dress, ready to take the woman into custody.

The entire drama will turn out to be devastating when the media will reach the spot and will question Ishita and Mihika about the wrong doings, which they never committed.

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