Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News - Drama around Pihu to begin
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Latest News – Drama around Pihu to begin

In the continuing song of Star Plus drama “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” it is observed that Raman bhala and Ishita bhala have got Ruhi’s custody and everybody in the Bhalla family is cheerful to have Ruhi back in the family.
as Ishita is happy concerning Ruhi bhala, she is also anxious about things being complex among Raman, Shagun and Raman.
Now, in the future episodes, audience will get to see some glad moments where there will be sweet nok jhok between Ishita and Raman.
Raman wants to find out catch the kidnappers, and Ishita gets adamant to go with him. He scolds her and asks her not to go wherever. She goes to police to her details of the kidnappers. Raman gets to know this and gets angry. Ishita and Raman will find the kidnapper soon.
Ishita cooks for Raman and is all smiling thinking of Raman.
Ruhi is upset and Ishita showers love on her. Ishita ties her hair pleats. Ruhi is talking with Ishita well after a long time. Ruhi did not have food, and Ishita pacifies her. Ruhi asks why is everything hidden, things got different. She says Raman and Romi are business rivals, Romi came here for me and he will leave, Pihu does not know you are her real mother. Ruhi has many questions in her heart. Ishita knows Ruhi does not have food when she has something going on in her mind. Ruhi shares everything with her.
Later, Pihu would know the truth that Ishita is her real mother, and new serial will begin.

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